Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has signed a new “Climate Doctrine” that aims to achieve “net zero” carbon emissions by the year 2060.

According to the Russian state-owned media outlet TASS, Putin signed the decree that formulates the “key long-term goal of the climate policy of the Russian Federation,” which “is to achieve carbon neutrality no later than 2060.”

The decree also parrots the globalist talking point that “climate change” can only be solved on a global level. “It is also emphasized that, on the whole, a long-term solution to the problem of climate change is possible only with the participation of all states, and Russia is involved in the development of collective measures,” TASS reports.

“Climate change issues, in particular balancing economic efficiency and social justice, addressing potential conflicts of interest in relation to extreme manifestations of climate change, cannot be resolved through scientific methods only,” the new climate policy states. “In such situations, it is possible to find balance only within the framework of the political process.”

“The document lists five main tasks of climate policy, including the development of its scientific and information basis and the continuation of mutually beneficial international cooperation of the Russian Federation in this area in bilateral and multilateral formats,” according to TASS.

The climate decree also states that “climate change” could lead to increased risk to the health of Russia’s citizens.

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