A new rock-and-roll song is blowing the whistle on musicians who comply with radical, left-wing government mandates, particularly those who did so during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Ain’t No Rock and Roll” by American singer-songwriter Brad Skistimas was released by the anti-woke music label Baste Records on October 6. Both its lyrics and music video lament the betrayal of the values and advocacy on which the genre of rock and roll was founded, committed by artists caving to the liberalism infecting the contemporary music scene.

He continues by arguing that rock legends, referred to as “old men” in the song, “don’t bother standing up” after years of fame and that “there ain’t no peace and love ever since the 60s kids grew up.” Similarly, Skistimas accuses the classic “bad boy rebels” of rock and roll of not meaning the protest songs they sang, saying “we didn’t know that none of it was true.”
“There ain’t no rock and roll and the blues has lost its soul
All the punks gave the man control and every pop star’s bought and sold”
In the next verse, Skistimas continues:
“And there ain’t no Joni no Bob; no one stuck around for their protest job
All the stars and the Big Pharma whores shillin’ for a check from their corporate chores
All the actors say what they’re paid to say while the fans take the blame
All the once cool fools that were me and you, well, they pushed us all away”
Before ending the powerful ballad, Skistimas suggests that even aspiring rock stars are also engaging in “deafening” silence while “the suits lick the boots of the government [and] what they sang they never meant.”

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