A ‘Worldwide Stop the War on Children Rally’ is set for October 21, Kamel El-Cheikh said after being inundated with requests to organize another event.

(LifeSiteNews) – The organizer for the Million Person March held in September to fight back against radical LGBT agendas being taught in public schools has planned a new event for October 21 after getting over ‘12 calls a day” to organize another protest.

The “Worldwide Stop the War on Children Rally” to be held throughout the country will be looking at taking a ‘double measure, one cut” approach, said Kamel El-Cheikh, who was the main organizer of the September protest, on a recent podcast with Clyde Do Something.

He noted that there is a huge “appetite coast to coast” to rid Canadian schools of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) indoctrination.

“We want to make sure we measure twice and cut once,” El-Cheikh said, adding that organizers don’t want to just “protest for the sake of protesting.

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