The new poll found that Canadian women are much more likely to believe two genders is an ‘insufficient’ expression of reality when compared to men.

Amidst growing protests by concerned parents against extreme gender ideology being taught in Canadian schools, a new poll by the Angus Reid Institute (ARI) has found that most Canadians, 56 percent, still believe that there are only two genders.

While the majority of Canadians view gender as having only two options, male and female, the ARI poll results, which were released yesterday, did show that a third of Canadians, 34 percent, think limiting people to two genders is “insufficient.” Breaking down this non-biological view by sex, the poll found that 40 percent of females held this position compared to just 26 percent of men.

Interestingly, a super-majority two-thirds of men over the age of 34 believe that two genders are “enough.”

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