In June 2022 while was running for leadership of the UCP, Smith said that she would create a provincial internet firewall to bypass federal internet censorship laws with the possible help of Starlink.

“Hey @elonmusk I’m running to be the Premier of Alberta. We still value free speech here. Could Alberta set up an independent ISP using @starlink to bypass the new @justintrudeau internet censorship law,” Smith wrote.

Smith also included in her tweet last week a reminder of her message last year that said: “Did you know @JustinTrudeau’s new internet censorship law will mean Liberal partisans can pick and choose what Albertans can say and express on the Internet.”

“As Premier, I will protect the right of every Albertan to express their opinion – left, right and everything in between – without fear of Ottawa’s censorship.”

Musk’s Starlink is a satellite-operated internet provider that offers fast service from virtually anywhere in the world and is free from censorship.

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