The case was initiated by the Canadian Constitution Federation (CCF) on behalf of three women who claim the province’s vaccine passport system, which was in place for a time from late 2021 to late October 2022, caused them harm.

The women had claimed that they could not get the COVID shots for medical reasons. However, they were deemed to be not eligible for an exemption from the mandates as their medical conditions were not on a government list. They argued the provincial vaccine passport system in place at the time that prevented the jab free from entering many places, as well as work at others, prevented them from participating in society and working as normal.

Two of the women had severe reactions after getting one dose of the COVID shot and thus did not get additional jabs.

The first was a teenage girl who developed heart inflammation after the first shot. The second was a woman who was partially paralyzed after getting the jab. The third woman suffered from chronic medical issues and said she could not get the shot.

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