As per Blacklock’s Reporter, two Regina refinery workers, who had refused to do semi-weekly COVID tests because presumably they did not have the shots, were suspended with no pay in 2022.

Ward Rubin and Dallas Shuparski refused to go along with the COVID workplace mandate of their employer, Consumers’ Co-operative Refineries Ltd., that required proof of a shot or regular negative tests.

Subsequently, Rubin and Shuparski were fired in 2022 for declining both the COVID shot and test mandates. Of some 570 refinery workers at Consumers’ Co-operative, only 50 had opted to take regular testing.

Daniel Ish, who served as the labour arbitrator in the case, ruled in favor of Rubin and Shuparski, saying, “Although for many testing is viewed as a minor matter, both Mr. Shuparski and Mr. Rubin saw submitting to testing as a matter of personal conscience.”

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