Another chilling example of this neo-colonialism was recently reported by the BBC. Sixty-seven women from Greenland, a Danish colony until 1953 that is now semi-sovereign, are demanding compensation from the Danish government “over a campaign of involuntary birth control.” The campaign consisted of a concentrated attempt to reduce the birth rate among the Indigenous population in Greenland by inserting contraceptive devices into the bodies of women and girls without their consent or knowledge.

One woman, when struggling to conceive, discovered in 2009 that an IUD had been inserted into her body. Another woman – who is not named – told the BBC that she “had been injected with a contraceptive in 2014 without her consent.”

Psychologist Naja Lyberth has now initiated a compensation claim against the Danish government on behalf of 67 women, some of whom are in their 70s and do not want to wait for a joint inquiry of Denmark and Greenland into the forced birth control campaign to complete in May 2025. “We don’t want to wait for the results of the inquiry,” Lyberth told the BBC. “We are getting older. The oldest of us, who had IUDs inserted in the 1960s, were born in the 1940s and are approaching 80. We want to act now. It’s already 100% clear that the government has broken the law by violating our human rights and causing us serious harm.” The 67 women are seeking 300,000 kroner – $42,150 – each.

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