This report shows that excess deaths in Canada continue to be a significant problem in 2022 for all age groups. Excess deaths in 2022 increased to an estimated 37,000 compared to an estimated 21,000 in 2021–an approximate 75 percent increase. Further, as of June 2023, 24 percent of 2022 deaths from all causes were still categorized as “information unavailable” or were attributed to “ill-defined or unknown cause.” Canadian authorities cited excess deaths (when the cause was attributable to COVID-19) as justification for stringent pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical interventions over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Agencies such as Statistics Canada have provided little analysis of the causes of excess deaths occurring across Canada in 2022. Data releases and reports of causes of deaths have been subject to significant and inexcusable reporting delays. Further, it appears that deaths attributed to COVID-19 may have been overreported, especially in Québec. Citizens must have access to vital statistics if they are to trust and accept government interventions of the kind seen during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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