The Justice Centre opposes the adoption of any national or central bank digital currency (CBDC) that violates the privacy and security of Canadians or that limits inclusion and access. The Canadian public agrees.

On November 29, 2023, the Bank of Canada released the results of its survey on a proposal to adopt a CBDC.

Bank of Canada survey respondents expressed concern about privacy: “a potential digital dollar should perform the functions of bank notes without the need to share personal information. Providing the personal information necessary to enable features that are not possible with bank notes, like automated payments and recovering lost funds, should be voluntary.” (emphasis added)

Respondents expressed concern about anonymity and insufficient legislative protections for privacy. Survey respondents “overwhelmingly valued the privacy and anonymity that bank notes provide and believed the Bank should not collect or have access to Canadians’ personal and spending information. Many of these respondents did not trust the Bank and other institutions to protect or respect their privacy and were concerned that privacy laws…do not offer sufficient protections.” (emphasis added)

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