Canadian MAiD Program to Expand Dramatically

I apologize for using the oxymoronic term “assisted suicide for babies” in the title. An infant is not self-aware and cannot “commit suicide.” Infants want to live, eat, and be held by their parents. And yet, the Quebec College of Physicians wants to expand the Canadian “Medical Assistance in Dying” program to infants.

Watch Dr. Louis Roy, from the Quebec College of Physicians, telling the Commons’ Special Joint Committee of Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) on Oct. 7 that his organization believes MAID can be appropriate for infants up to age one who are born with “severe malformations.”
Medical Assistance in Dying implies someone wanting to die and getting medical assistance to die in a socially approved manner with some comfort.

Infants under one year cannot possibly choose to die or request medical assistance, so the name does not exactly suit the situation. Instead of “assistance in dying,” infants will be euthanized for the convenience of the parents and doctors who no longer want to deal with problematic babies. There are other, even more disturbing reasons for this program being promoted, which we will explore.

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