umors claim that “Grand Theft Auto 6” might feature cryptocurrency
Take-Two Interactive has shown interest in the crypto industry, particularly when it had Zynga work on Web3 games
However, neither Take-Two Interactive nor Rockstar Games has ever said anything about crypto being in its upcoming “GTA” installment
“Grand Theft Auto 6,” the highly anticipated project of Rockstar Games, has been rumored to integrate cryptocurrencies, with others claiming that players could even earn crypto assets while playing the game. However, it appears that this may not happen at all, considering various factors including the ranging success of its predecessor, “GTA 5.”

“Grand Theft Auto 6,” is by far, the most leaked, rumored and speculated title in the franchise despite the fact that it has no specific release date yet.

One of the rumors linked to the upcoming major title is that it would be released as a blockchain game featuring cryptocurrencies and allowing gamers not only to enjoy the game but also earn crypto while playing it.

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