Inequality is built into the structure of the world. It is written in the gospel: the poor will always be with us.

Everything is unequal: a few rivers have all the water, a few stars have all the mass, a few writers sell all the books, etc, it is just everywhere. Wherever there is creative variation there is radical inequality. It is a law.

You had a crash on some issues with Pope Francis on Twitter. What was that about?

Pope Francis is a social justice warrior. He said some good things about the gender war, but thinks that Christianity is a social justice enterprise. It is not. Christ was not a political figure, full stop. Liberation theology is basically Marxism with a Christian brand. But there is no such thing as Marxism with a Christian brand. You could not formulate two doctrines that were more opposed to each other. Instead Christians should be concerned with the amelioration of suffering. Including poverty. The leftist notion that we can cure poverty by distributing money, you saw how well that worked in the Soviet Union. You can make rich people poor with socialism but you cannot make poor people rich.

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