Brooke Shields recently had a seizure as a result of overhydrating. At what point does H2O become dangerous?

In a new interview with Glamour, actress Brooke Shields revealed that she suffered from a seizure while in New York this past September.

“I was preparing for [a] show, and I was drinking so much water, and I didn’t know I was low in sodium,” she recalled. “I was waiting for an Uber. I get down to the bottom of the steps, and I start evidently looking weird, and [the people I was with] were like, ‘Are you OK?’”

The 58-year-old star remembers walking into a restaurant while in a daze right before “frothing at the mouth, totally blue, trying to swallow my tongue.” Candidly talking about the event on the record, Shields told the publication that she “drowned” herself by drinking too much water.

According to Dr. Jonathan Parker, a neurosurgeon at Mayo Clinic in Arizona, some seizures can be caused by excessive water drinking.

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