After the latest Israel-Gaza escalation, the world has effectively split into three groups. Apart from those that expressed open support for either side, the largest part of the globe has opted for neutrality.

Obviously, an immediate ceasefire would be the best solution, as thousands on both sides have already been killed, many of them women, children, the elderly, as well as hundreds of soldiers, the vast majority of whom are young people. Anyone sensible would want such tragedy to stop.

However, the interests of various powerful foreign entities are fueling and escalating the conflict. The involvement of regional powers is also of crucial importance and their relationship with both sides is dominated by complicated (geo)politics that transcend the question of religion and even the popular opinion of their respective electorates.

Turkey is a very good example of this. While the country is mostly Muslim, its political elites have always had the tendency to lean towards Israel, although they’d never admit it.

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