Land incursion marked by bombings of three refugee camps killing hundreds and displacing thousands more Palestinians.

An investigative report published by the Intercept, an online journal, recently revealed that the United States was in the process of expanding a “secret military base” in the Negev desert under the control of the State of Israel.

Such a military base provides further proof that Washington regards Tel Aviv as being key to maintaining imperialist dominance in West Asia and North Africa.

The Intercept article written by Ken Klippenstein and Daniel Boguslaw noted that:

“The U.S. Army is quietly moving ahead with construction at Site 512, a classified base perched atop Mt. Har Qeren in the Negev, to include what government records describe as a ‘life support facility’: military speak for barracks-like structures for personnel. Though President Joe Biden and the White House insist that there are no plans to send U.S. troops to Israel amid its war on Hamas, a secret U.S. military presence in Israel already exists. And the government contracts and budget documents show it is evidently growing.”

In the immediate aftermath of the October 7 Al-Aqsa Flood where combatants from the resistance forces based in Gaza entered Israeli-controlled territory carrying out a series of military operations. Figures on the number of Israeli and allied deaths in those attacks have been given as 1,400 with many more injured.

The capture of more than 200 Israeli soldiers, settlers and tourists by the military wing of Hamas along with the deaths and casualties of hundreds more has created an internal security crisis for Tel Aviv and Washington. Since October 7, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) backed by the U.S. have killed nearly 9,000 people in Gaza and the West Bank.

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