Think back to October of 2019 when there was a “simulation” of a global corona pandemic that was a ‘chapter and verse’ prediction of the real Covid-19 Pandemic declared only 20 weeks later. It was called Event 201, and it resulted in an agreement among the representatives who had come from all sectors society: Craft a narrative for the governmental / industrial / media complex to hammer society with, stick to it and ignore or attack any assessment not in line with the agreed-upon story line.

That’s what happened, and it continues to this day. A pall of censorship descended on the planet, and “higher education” of the Western world has protected the iron-clad official narrative every step of the way with all of its vaunted reputation. But you might have seen that coming. After all, Event 201 was a “tabletop exercise” run not only by the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation but also by the respected Johns Hopkins University.

That there are universities in the US being paid to manufacture strategies to counteract information and perspectives out of step with official governmental accounts is naked fact. Departments within major universities are serving as censors in the interest of governmental power, and they brag about it. And isn’t it of more than passing interest that the positions most rigidly protected are official stories on the 2020 election and of Covid-19, the latter in particular?

It’s the same way in Canada. Glaring falsehoods within governmental claims regarding Covid-19 quickly generated reactions from within the medical community itself, one of the most compelling being from America’s Frontline Doctors. But the group was attacked by esteemed McGill University through its Office of Science and Society. Simply look at what McGill labelled as misinformation in 2021 in light of what has been revealed since then.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic, universities in England, Finland, Germany, France, and Portugal (a Canadian university also is found in this group) joined to form Jitsuvax, a collective dedicated to ferreting out any form of “misinformation” that might lead people to be “less likely to accept vaccination”, and finding ways of combatting such unwanted information. In each of those countries, the universities involved are major representatives of the nation’s Academy. Consider that England’s Cambridge University, a Jitsuvax member, was the alma mater of both Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin in order to get a better understanding of how far the Western university has declined as an environment fostering wide open thinking and exchange, and has instead become a tool of official power.

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