Corporate and government-controlled outlets are serving as enablers in the campaign to denigrate and erase the people who are being bombed and starved on a daily basis

United States President Joe Biden delivered a live television address on the evening of October 19 to demand that the Congress authorize another $106 billion to expand the wars in Ukraine and Palestine as well as providing funds to counter Chinese influence and enhance security at the southern border.

This speech came just one day after Biden travelled to Tel Aviv to proclaim yet again the White House’s unconditional support to the State of Israel.

While in Israel meeting with the “unified war cabinet” he blamed the Palestinians for the bombing of Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza City, saying the explosion was the result of the actions of the “other team.” Using such terminology suggests that the deadly war against Gaza is some type of sports competition.

This bombing had only taken place less than 24 hours before. The Israeli government through its Defense Forces changed its story on the Al-Ahli Hospital bombing after the number of casualties, approximately 500, would be difficult to justify even to an already compliant western media. Even if there were some questions in the minds of the U.S. government and press agencies as to the origins of the bombing, these questions could not be answered in a matter of hours. Moreover, there was no acknowledgement of the fact that numerous civilian targets have been bombed by the IDF since this latest round of intensified airstrikes since October 7.

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