Reawaken America Tour 2023

“The awakening of the consciousness is the first step towards liberation from the subversive leadership that has reserved the high places in both the national and international institutions because opening one’s eyes and looking at reality is essential.

If you have to understand what is really happening, denounce the globalist coup d’etat and regain the national sovereignty and fundamental freedoms that have been taken away from you.

You have all witnessed in recent years a radical change in society; a change planned by people without any electoral mandate and imposed by sold-out rulers.

The United States of America, like many other nations hostage to the Agenda 2030, is facing a very serious crisis: inflation, an out-of-control self-induced migration crisis, human trafficking and child trafficking, rampant crime, and the weakening of law enforcement.”

Watch the video below for Archbishop Vigano’s full address.

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