Review of Haaretz Article entitled “U.S. to Push Israel on Allowing Gaza Offshore Gas Reserves to Revitalize Palestinian Economy”
According to Haaretz (See Full Report by Ben Samuels and Amir Tibon below):

Amos Hochstein, U.S. President Joe Biden’s energy security advisor, is currently visiting Israel to discuss preventing a second front from opening between Israel and Lebanon amid ongoing clashes with Hezbollah, as well as potential economic revitalization plans for Gaza centered around undeveloped offshore natural gas fields.

Biden’s Envoy Hochstein “was most recently in Bahrain, where he discussed the opportunity to develop offshore gas fields on behalf of the Palestinians as part of plans for post-war Gaza.”

“Israel gave preliminary approval for the development of a gas field off Gaza’s coast in June, stressing it would require security coordination with both the PA and Egypt. The Gaza Marine field, nearly 20 miles off Gaza’s coast, has remained undeveloped despite holding an estimated 1 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. This total is hypothetically much more than needed to power the Palestinian territories, and some of it could be potentially exported.” Haaretz)

There is More than Meets the Eye.

The Objective is “Not On Behalf of Palestinians” Quite the Opposite.

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