Repeated pledges of unconditional support for the IDF as thousands are dying shines light on the true face of imperialism. Airstrikes from Tel Aviv killed more than 500 people at a Christian hospital in Gaza City on the eve of an announced visit by Joe Biden.
President Joe Biden of the United States has emphasized daily that the principal foreign policy objective for Washington in West Asia and North Africa is to defend and bolster the State of Israel.
This is being articulated by Biden, Secretary of State Antony Blinken along with all administration officials and the overwhelming number of Congressional leaders as the United Nations and other international humanitarian agencies are advocating for the opening of a corridor to allow water, food, medical services and electricity to reduce the consistent injuring and deaths among the Palestinians.
Democratic Party Senate leader Chuck Schumer visited Israel as well for the same purpose of “legitimizing” the U.S. funding, arming and coordination of the national oppression of the Palestinian people and the destabilization and domination of the neighboring states of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. While Schumer was in Tel Aviv, hundreds of his fellow Jewish Americans were holding a vigil outside his Brooklyn home saying that they did not want to be a party to the systematic genocide against the Palestinian people. Dozens of these demonstrators against Schumer were arrested by police for their refusal to move away from his residence. (See this)
Judging from these official delegations and the statements of unconditional support for Israel by Democratic and Republican politicians, it portends much for the status and future of imperialism in this geopolitical region as well as the entire international community. Biden has ordered the deployment of two warships to the region and 2,000 Pentagon troops.

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