John Wight argues that the West’s inconsistent application of its laws and values when it comes to Israel is thrown into high relief by its response to the war in Ukraine

Mohammed Haitham al-Tamimi was just two years old when he was shot and killed by Israeli troops in the occupied West Bank. Al-Tamimi goes down as yet another child victim of the murder machine that is the state of Israel when it comes to its ongoing barbarous and brutal occupation of the Palestinians in the West Bank and its siege and asphyxiation of Gaza.

The West has never been more united in its support for Ukrainian resistance to Russian occupation, nor has it ever wavered in its defence of Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine. The hypocrisy underpinning this sordid dynamic is so rancid it can only make you retch, such is the level of disgust engendered.

This, dear reader, is the world that our governments, mainstream media, and propagandists in the West are never done telling us, is the best of all possible worlds. It leads us to ask as to the whereabouts of the reset button, so we can start human affairs again — from the beginning.

The cause of the Palestinian people is the cause of humanity in our time. For from it flows all the ills of Western so-called civilisation, chief among which is “might is right.”

Israel in its current form is a proto-fascist state, impervious to any constraints when it comes to its systemic and structural oppression of the Palestinian people in the name not of security, as its apologists tirelessly claim, but in the name of ethno-nationalism and white supremacy in a zionist variant.

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