8 Papers reviewed, looking at the psychological manipulation of the masses

Papers Reviewed:
2023 Jun – Steffens et al – “Testing persuasive messages about booster doses of COVID-19 vaccines on intention to vaccinate in Australian adults: A randomised controlled trial”
2023 Apr – Kleitman et al – “The Psychology of COVID-19 Booster Hesitancy, Acceptance and Resistance in Australia”
2023 Mar – Limbu et al – “Why Some People Are Hesitant to Receive COVID-19 Boosters: A Systematic Review”
2023 Jan – Fisher et al – “Impact of a physician recommendation on COVID-19 vaccination intent among vaccine hesitant individuals”
2021 Dec – Erin James et al – “Persuasive messaging to increase COVID-19 vaccine uptake intentions”
2021 Sep – Kachurka et al – “Persuasive Messages Will Not Increase COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance” (Polish people say fuck you to propaganda)
2021 Jun – Scott Ratzan et al – Missing the Point — How Primary Care Can Overcome Covid-19 Vaccine “Hesitancy”
2021 Feb – Stacy Wood et al – “Beyond Politics — Promoting Covid-19 Vaccination in the United States”

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