“First thing I saw was trees up and down every street and between houses in Santa Rosa California where the houses are not partially burned. They’re turned to white ash like a crematorium. But, above all that, I saw the trees virtually untouched! And that didn’t go well for me, knowing my whole background in trees! …I didn’t know what was going on here! This was all new to me!”

According to media reports, Canada’s experience with wildfires is without precedent. Millions of acres of forest from BC to Alberta to Quebec to New Brunswick were scorched. Thousands of residents of Yellowknife in the North West Territories were withdrawn from their lodgings as the flames advanced mercilessly. [2][3]

And the many, many distraught people who lost their homes look bleakly into the night-time sky and ask the question why.

The most available answer to explain the scenario comes up in the universities and mainstream media. Climate Change. If only human society had acted sooner…if only we had committed more resources to reversing the tide…if only we valued nature over the new stylish hummer…if only we had not been burdened by the presence of all those nasty climate change deniers… this new phenomenon of wildfires along with other weather disasters could have been avoided. [4]

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