‘Paving a Digital Road to Hell’ is the title of a recent article in a Children’s Health Defense (CHD) article, describing what could and might expect us, with digital ID’s and digital money – and an all-controlling technocratic world tyranny enhanced by the World Health Organization (WHO) possibly impeding Pandemic Treaty and drastically modified International Health Regulations (IHR). A tyrannical road to hell it would be.

The digital ID has been approved by the EU and is ready to be implemented by EU member countries. There is no deadline set yet, but individual countries are held to conform with this mandate – though most must clear the process of applying the digital ID through Parliament. Pressure from outside, mainly the World Economic Forum (WEF) and especially those behind the WEF, the dark powerful cult cabal is almost almighty. It knows no mercy. See this.

Human rights by any measures are being violated. But why bother mentioning it? The power deciding over nation-states and humanity, those who have already for years done away with national and international legal systems and replaced them by the “rules-based order” – apply rules serving the elites’ interests at any time, the rules change according to whose interests are at stake at a time. They do not care.

They know that in the current state of human discord, discoordination, of division and confusion, of racism, of fighting simultaneous attacks from the same powerful diabolical Cult or globalist Deep State, on all fronts, health, climate, digital money, digital overall control – We, the people, are not able to resist. We have no unity. We need unity and solidarity and courage to see the enemy in the eye. That is what they believe. We must prove them wrong.

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