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“They’re not asking for anything else; they just want the gift of life. If it’s there and it’s possible please give it. I don’t want to die, God help me.”

– Sheila Lewis at the NCI in Ottawa on May 17, 2023. She was not allowed an organ transplant on the grounds of her choice to not take the COVID-19 vaccine. She died three months later. [1]

Approximately four years ago, as of this date, was when signs began to arise of some sort of nasty illness erupting in China. [2]

Not big news at the time. The general public then had no idea this illness would escalate beyond China into a full blown “pandemic” that authorities at the World Health Organization (WHO) would need drastic measures, including lockdowns, social distancing and even withholding rights of organization, and an aggressive vaccination approach to retain it.

Now, four years after the worst seems to be over – the WHO Director-General stated that COVID-19 no longer constitutes a public health emergency of international concern – and life seems to be getting back to normal, albeit with the economic and social repercussions still evident in the wake of the COVID-19 storm.

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