The former chief of Mossad, told CNN today that Israel had “no warning of any kind”. A massive attack on Israel by Hamas, a Palestinian resistance group in Gaza, was carried out yesterday on Jewish communities in southern Israel, near the Gaza border. Hamas fired between 2-5 thousand rockets at Israel and hundreds of Israeli are dead, while dozens of Israelis were captured as prisoners of war. In the ensuing air response by Israel, hundreds of Palestinians were killed in Gaza. Experts warn that Israel appears to be planning a ground invasion into Gaza.

This morning, the Lebanese resistance group Hezbollah entered the war to support the Palestinians quest for freedom. Israel has been occupying the Shebaa Farms area in southern Lebanon for decades, and the Lebanese want to retake their land, as well as fight for the end of occupation in Palestine.

Hamas collectively operated under ‘radio silence’. No mobile phones were used, because the Mossad and army intelligence would be listening. Only face to face meetings were used to organize the huge mission. Underground meeting places can’t be filmed by surveillance cameras by the Israelis. Using old fashioned techniques of a pre-technology era, the Hamas operation was a huge success in shocking Israel, and the world.

Gaza is the largest open-air concentration camp on earth. It has been under an Israeli-imposed blockade since June 2007, under which there is no travel in or out of Gaza, water supplies are minimal and sometimes cut off, electricity is minimal and sometimes cut off, as is the case now. University students are prevented from traveling abroad to receive a higher degree, medicines are unavailable and the emergency rooms have only basic supplies which quickly run out in a war. Food supplies are severely curtailed and building supplies take years to arrive piecemeal.

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