Israel is slowly cutting off Gaza’s communications with the outside world, because it wants to prevent us from revealing the massacres it is committing.

I pack some of my clothes, identifying documents, belongings, and batteries to charge my phone and stay connected to the situation around me. My family and I are evacuating our home in the al-Shuja’iyya neighborhood east of Gaza. I definitely need a larger bag to fit my life into it.

In the afternoon of the second day of the attack, the Israeli army sent a message to my eldest brother — we all live in the same building — telling him that he must evacuate the building and head to the center of Gaza City.

I live on the ground floor. My elderly mother, who is blind, lives with me and my wife alongside our nine-month-old boy, who has already witnessed two Israeli wars in his short life.

“We need to evacuate right now while we have time,” my brother Hani tells me. “If night falls and we’re still here, we’ll be in danger.”

I try to tell him that we should stay — I think no place in Gaza is safe from Israel’s warplanes. But we’re both right.

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