The Israeli society of the 21st century (80% of Jews versus 20% of the Arab population), would be a melting pot of races, customs, languages and values that would only have in common their Hebrew origin and in which a silent blow would be produced by an ultra orthodox minority , the “haredim.”

Although they represent only 10% of its population, the ultra-orthodox would be a state within the state, ready to swallow all the sensitive areas of power of the Jewish state (Interior, Housing, Mossad and the IDF commanders or Jewish army) and try to impose the “Halacha” or Jewish law to more than 40% of the population that declares itself secular, segment of European filiation, immersed in Western culture and way of life and that wants to be governed by civil law as in other formal western democracies.

Einstein and Exclusionary Zionism
In 1938, the visionary Einstein warned of the dangers of exclusionary Zionism by stating:

“I would like a reasonable agreement to be reached with the Arabs on the basis of a peaceful life together as I think this would be preferable to the creation of a Jewish state.”

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