A new study found lactating women recently vaccinated with an mRNA vaccine had detectible mRNA in breastmilk that can potentially transfer to their infant.

A new Lancet study adds to a growing body of evidence suggesting that the mRNA from COVID-19 vaccines does not remain at the injection site but “spreads systemically” throughout the body and can even end up in breast milk passed on to infants by their vaccinated mothers.

Study Found mRNA in 70 Percent of Breast Milk Samples
In the Lancet paper published in September, researchers detected mRNA in 70 percent of women who provided breast milk samples up to 45 hours following vaccination. Although the mRNA detected was largely fragmented and retained only 12 to 25 percent of its original integrity, the researchers said further studies are needed to determine the minimum amount of mRNA that could trigger an immune response in newborns.

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