The game surrounding OpenAI these days is not only a soap-opera. It’s a Game of Thrones for not only billions but trillions of dollars from the upcoming AI industry.

With AI (supported by other technologies), 30 % of hours currently worked across the US economy of $ 27 trillion could be automated.

AI is a gold rush for IT, and Microsoft intends to take the Lion’s share.

To drive AI, Microsoft is building 120 herculean datacenters all over the world, just in 2023 alone.

In this AI gold rush, OpenAI is by far the leader of the industry. OpenAI is the AI industry’s biggest gold mine – and the main target of Microsoft.

Microsoft bought into a big share of the gold mine called OpenAI, but no matter the billions from Microsoft, under the current governance structure of OpenAI, Microsoft can gain no control and no freedom to maximize and extract the unfathomable profits just waiting inside OpenAI to be mined.

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