The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in the Politics of Canada’s Oil and Gas-Rich Province

Hopium and dejection, fanaticism and pragmatism, reason and dementia are all in full conflict as human civilization wobbles precipitously on the edge of a global abyss. Currently the Middle East stands at the forefront of the devastation wrought by extremism unleashed. Even in the midst of this turmoil, however, there are, here and there, some promising signs of possible redemption. Key developments in these bright spots hold the potential of beginning the process of stopping and reversing humanity’s rapid fall into satanic devastation.

The Canadian province of Alberta where I live is the site of one such possible turnaround. It is becoming a very active laboratory for the testing of all sorts of experiments, interactions and innovations. As the realization continues to sink in of the fuller implications of the biowarfare aimed at all of humankind since the release of the mRNA injections in 2021, Alberta is one of a handful of jurisdictions where there is some potential for citizens to get together to bring a measure of ameliorative rehabilitation to our core institutions.

Rookie Alberta Premier, Danielle Smith, is near the centre of much of the hubbub. Last May Premier Smith’s United Conservative Party (UCP) won a renewed mandate to govern Canada’s most rebellious province. Smith’s still-growing popularity was recently confirmed by her hosting one of the largest annual general meetings of a political party in Canadian history.

Danielle Smith is a sprightly and attractive politician who is emerging as a more intelligent, erudite and abstemious version of populist Alberta Premier, Ralph Klein. I met Premier Klein in person shortly after moving from Ontario to Alberta in the early 1990s to take up my new job as a Native American Studies Prof here on the Eastern Slopes of the Rocky Mountains. In a tee-pee encampment at the nearby Blood Reserve, I had a chance to observe that the late Ralph Klein was a pretty good Blackfoot speaker. Legendary for his carousing bouts of partying with average folks, Klein had a gift for relating in a very convivial fashion with all kinds of people and constituencies.

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