Dear people of all races, of all creeds, of all nationalities, of all ethnicities, of all continents, of the entire world,

Look at the pictures below, look at them as if they would talk about your brothers and sisters, about your own children, then stand up and storm your governments in unison, that they too, in unison, stop supporting Israel, that they request in unison – 8 billion people – to demand that Israel be stopped, that the perpetrators and murderers be brought to justice.

If not, one day – maybe in a not-too-distant future — these images may haunt and concern us all personally.

Do not count on the United Nations. That body created for world peace is corrupted, along with the World Economic Forum (WEF), WHO, the current White House and the power of Big Finance-Military-IT- Media-Pharma complex, most of whom are also controlled by Zionist capital.

We the People, can only count on ourselves for the future. If we the People, want to help Palestine against the unbelievable genocide, we must do it ourselves. We MUST act now.

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