When Israel struck and destroyed the Iranian Consulate in Damascus on April 1, their partners, the terrorists following Radical Islam, were coordinating attacks on the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). This is not the first time that Israel has coordinated and partnered with terrorists in Syria.

In the latest incident, Israel attacked Damascus with an airstrike which hit the Iranian Consulate, while Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) attacked the SAA in the outskirts of Idlib in north west Syria, east of Latakia and west of Aleppo. The terrorists used suicide bombers as well as armed terrorists to carry out the attack which claimed the lives of SAA soldiers.

On March 31, Israel attacked the Jamraya Research Center in Damascus, and at the same time HTS was attacking near Jebel al Zawaya, and the SAA positions south of Idlib. The SAA pushed back against the terrorists by using massive gun power, supported by the Russian air force, and killing and injuring foreign terrorists, including Uyghurs from the East Turkmenistan Islamic Party (TIP).

On March 29, Israel targeted Aleppo with airstrikes, which killed civilians, while at the same time HTS coordinated attacks on the SAA positions near Aleppo utilizing foreign terrorists including those from Tajikistan, the same country of origin as the so-called IS terrorists who attacked the Crocus Center in Moscow recently. In this attack, the HTS utilized drones, and suicide bombers. Many, if not most, of the foreign terrorists were killed. After the attack, the HTS media claimed they had taken over SAA positions in west Aleppo, which the SAA quickly proved was a false claim, and showed video evidence refuting the claim which showed the dead terrorists.

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