In the early morning hours of Saturday, 7 October 2023, Hamas launched —like never before— a surprise military attack on Israel, called Operation Al-Aqsa Storm. Hamas is the Islamist political and military branch that rules Palestine.

Israel immediately retaliated, as they usually do. Though, in most cases, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are the initiators of Israeli-Palestinian hostilities. Indeed, it is usually the IDF launching intimidating provocations, waiting for the Palestinian response and then the IDF attacks Palestine, mostly the Gaza strip, “full power” – no regard for whom they are killing, children, women, no matter, no remorse. Ever.

This time seems to be different. According to mainstream media and most non-mainstream media, this was the first time, Hamas surprised the Israeli army and security forces, the Israeli Mossad, so to speak, with a massive attack out of nowhere, with tanks and missiles, deep into Israel, causing severe damage – and as of the time of this writing – Hamas aggressions have caused hundreds of deaths – maybe thousands? — on each side and thousands of inured.

Really, a surprise?

Normally, after a devastating Israeli counterattack – or often the primary assault – the fight is over. For a while.

Will this time the Lebanon-based Hezbollah also get involved in the conflict in favor of Palestine? Washington has already sent out their warnings to third parties, singling out Hezbollah.

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