“Israel” and the United States have been planning for decades to build the so-called “Ben Gurion Canal,” a rival to the infamous Suez Canal in Egypt. This Ben Gurion Canal would begin at “Eilat”, and finish right next to, if not directly through, Gaza.

The Suez Canal is one of the most important construction and irrigation projects in history, connecting the Red Sea to the Mediterranean Sea. So vital to trade is the Suez Canal that a war was even fought over it in 1956: “Israel”, Britain, and France attacked Egypt for daring to nationalize the Suez Canal – its own land.

A document declassified in the 1990s showed that just a few years after the Suez Crisis, the Americans hatched a secret plan in 1963 to detonate 520 nuclear bombs in al-Naqab desert to help “Israel” construct the “Ben Gurion Canal.”

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