“When do we scare the pants off them again!” — Matt Hancock, UK Health Minister

Fear feeds on stupidity. Stupidity borne of willful personal ignorance resulting from individual apathy that too easily accepts media propaganda verbatim.

The educated, those whose efforts towards self-education and the creation of a “developed opinion” based on provable peer-reviewed facts are now under worldwide attack.

By stupidity.

As challenged in a recent article, this embrace of stupidity is “The War For Your Mind.”

Stupidity must be defined, challenged and vanquished. Examples of this growing worldwide societal malady abound. One recent case study in California serves as an example of this mounting threat, so easily metastasized into “fear.”

In the lead-up to the weekend of Aug 19-20, 2023, America’s growing embrace of said stupidity – only rivalled in the English language world by the British – was on full media display.

Suddenly, that week here in Southern California we were told that gloom and doom had arrived once again: This time in the form of “Hurricane Hilary,” slowly moving north from 500 miles south of the tip of the Baja peninsula and then 1500 miles from San Diego.

The full breadth of the media propaganda machine immediately went into similar COVID-19/Ukraine war mode, full throttle. It’s mandate: Fear.

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