Introduction by Peter Koenig
This article by Chris Hedges is what best describes the Horror – indescribable Horror Israel is committing in Gaza and soon in the West Bank, where ethnic cleansing has already begun.

It is a Horror – that is beyond words.

A dentist living in a suburb of Gaza – that had not yet been bombed — received an early morning phone call from an Israeli IDF Secret Service agent,

“You have 2 hours to evacuate the three high-rise apartment buildings where you live. Afterwards we must bomb them.”

To prove that they meant business they sent a rocket into one of the buildings. The dentist became a forced evacuator and an evacuee at once. He barely managed to get people out, some in pajamas, others in prayer robes, before the bombing started. Reported by Swiss Bluewin News in German.

This was as humanitarian as it gets by some IDF or secret service people, who most likely are under pressure that even their damaged conscience could no longer tolerate. So, they saved maybe hundreds of lives – children, women, elderly — and normal people.

Where is the Human Rights Commission when it is needed?

What is the UN good for?

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