Author’s letter to Hon. Brian Peckford.

Dear Hon. Brian Peckford,

I was heartened to learn the appalling mootness doctrine developed by Justice Gagne in political collaboration with Attorney General Lametti, is coming back for reconsideration. The mootness ruling seemed to me pretty at the time pretty much the end of the line for the credibility of the Canadian judiciary. The ruling came after a period when politicized judges again and again simply took the government’s justifications for all the COVID restrictions and mandates as “facts” without giving the time of day to the arguments brought forward by parties that were not governments.

Now millions upon millions of people worldwide are dead, dying, injured, and natural immunity deficient from the mandated injections declared as safe and effective by thousands of judges who didn’t do their homework. And law enforcement agencies the world over simply join with the political branches of government and the media that so far are not being held criminally accountable so far for their crimes of commission and omission.

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