It was a bunch of high-placed people who set about controlling and literally destroying a large swath of the world’s population?

I listen attentively when doctors and other health professionals who once shilled for the covidian tactics of ‘sheltering in place’ (what a quaint euphemism for imprisonment!), masks (how much more evidence do we need to show that they are and always have been useless for viral respiratory pathogens?), and, of course, the innovative mRNA-based jab, all the while never caring to spare a breath for natural immunity or early treatment, have a change of heart.

Well, after a bit of travelling down their personal roads to Damascus and seeing a light strong enough to make them revise their former gospels, they have had their conversion, have joined our side and are now front and centre on the resistance pulpit.

I acknowledge that we need all the help we can get and I am grateful for their assistance, but I am often mindful that the explanations offered by some of them, in their hindsight, only go so far. In fact, they fall far short of an appreciation that the whole phoney covid pandemic was an ‘operation’ perpetrated upon the globe by a powerful faction that sought not only to enrich their already rich selves but to enslave us and, with their bioweapons, to kill and maim.

It wasn’t just a matter of Pfizer, Moderna and Astrazeneca licking their chops at the opportunity to make wild profits by pushing an inadequately tested agent while nervous health officials erred on the side of ‘vaccinating’ everyone who breathed as a precautionary measure based on fearful and ignorant worry … No. It was more, it was more profound, it was more devilishly destructive and centrally planned.

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