This is democide in plain sight. It was planned and is still being planned. It is part of a Big Project called The Great Reset, alias UN Agenda 2030, reflecting an illegal pact established between Klaus Schwab, CEO, WEF and Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary General.

The project was meant to be of biblical, historical size, of eschatological proportion. The Judo-Christian religion is sacrosanct. It is dominated by Jewish-Zionism, and the whole western world is beholden by and submissive to the Chosen People.

Gaza: Don’t let them get away with it
Latest reports this morning, November 1, 2023, Israel has attacked a refugee camp in northern Gaza. The mainstream talks of dozens of deaths. The reality is probably much worse. How many of them are children?

The war escalation in the Middle East does not stop. The killing increases almost exponentially, to the point of “no return”, meaning that the threshold of “beyond salvation” has been crossed.

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