EU and WHO promote psychological tricks by government-affiliated “scientists” to manipulate vaccine-critical citizens

The members of the European Union are doing a “good job” and do not want to leave anything to chance. Other organisations like the WHO are joining in.

After it was recently announced that the Digital Service Act (DSA) for very large platforms and search engines has come into force, which is supposed to limit the power of internet monopolists and expand possibilities of political censorship (1), the well-known German business journalist Dr. Norbert Häring has now reported on his blog that the EU project “Jitsuvax” will be funded with 3.1 million euros over a period of four years to develop psychological methods to combat vaccination scepticism (2). The article titled “Jitsuvax: Psychological martial arts against people sceptical about mRNA vaccines” has meanwhile also appeared on the independent internet platform “apolut” as a viewpoint (3).

Häring’s assessment of the project sounds like this:

“‘Scientists’ who let themselves be paid by the government to develop lazy psychological tricks with which the government can manipulate citizens are a disgrace to science. They do great harm to democracy.” (4)

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