Why is no one asking what would make thousands of young men commit suicide, in effect, and bring what they know will be horrific death and destruction to hundreds of thousands of their families? Commentators appear mystified: surely everyone knows that Hamas fighters have no chance, ultimately, against the country with the fifth largest military in the world. Why would they risk every Palestinian’s future by such an act?

The reality — censored by our media and ignored by our governments — is that Palestinians in the Israeli-occupied Gaza Strip have no future to look forward to.

No one is pointing out the slow genocide that Israel is imposing on the millions of Palestinians literally caged in Gaza and the total lack of hope for any future that differs from Israel’s periodic slaughtering of their families and devastation of their homes, schools, mosques, hospitals, and civic buildings. Along with constant attacks on fishermen, farmers and anyone thought to be in the resistance, Israel ensures that Gazans have limited electricity and little fuel. When I visited Gaza in 2006, (before the Israeli attack), it already looked apocalyptic, with people reduced to traveling on donkeys amid ruined buildings and traffic lights that no longer worked.

No one is pointing out that millions of Gazans have been facing a humanitarian siege — clearly patterned after the notorious two-year Nazi siege of the Warsaw Ghetto — that is now in its eighteenth year. This siege limits food to barely above starvation calories, blocks necessities of life including medicine and medical supplies, building materials, textbooks, and at one point even soap and detergents: a clearly genocidal act in the world’s most densely-populated enclave.

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