Club of Rome and their mission to create a Scientific Dictatorship to prevent dangerous human activities

In my last article I wrote about the history and aim of the Club of Rome. I mentioned that they now are one of the leading advocates for declaring a “Planetary Emergency”. This will most likely be the trigger for the setup of a scientific dictatorship.

The idea of declaring an emergency was first proposed to Club of Rome by British consultant and psychotherapist David Wasdell in 2005.

Wasdell, with training from Tavistock Institute, had written a paper called Global Warning that was circulated during the G8 summit in Gleneagles in 2005, with the mission of getting the climate issue higher up on the political agenda.

We have a narrow remaining window to engage global strategic planning and mobilisation, followed by a maximum of fifty years to achieve the transition, to scale down resource usage, to terminate inequitable capital accumulation, and to stabilise and begin the long term reduction of global population.

Wasdell was then invited by the Club of Rome president Prince El Hassan bin Talal to make a speech at their annual conference in Norfolk, Virginia.

In order to achieve the desired impact, Wasdell advised them to:
– Recognise that there now exist a state of global emergency
– Declare excess CO2 to be an eco-toxin [!] with potentially catastrophic impact on the global biosphere
– Develop and operationalize an emergency strategy to move our global society towards a zero or negative carbon economy within the shortest possible timescale
– Develop and operationalize the most effective institutional instruments to manage the transition.

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