New Studies on “Vaccine Hesitancy”
I briefly review the following studies:

Jan.12, 2023, Aashka Shah et al. – COVID-19 booster hesitation around the world
Jan.17, 2023, Alice Cancer et al – Not getting vaccinated?
Jan. 17, 2023, Alice Cancer et al – Not Getting Vaccinated? It Is a Matter of Problem-Solving Abilities and Socio-Cognitive Polarization

This study comes from University of Texas and Italy
They studied 277 US participants, ages 18 to 50, who completed an online survey that measured how conservative, rigid thinking, and anti-immigrant (xenophobic) they were.
WHO defines “vaccine hesitancy” as “delay in acceptance or refusal of vaccination despite the availability of vaccination services’’
Early research on “vaccine skepticism” found correlation with female gender, low income, social media misinformation, conspiracy theories, government mistrust, anti-govt sentiment
those with more conservative, right leaning political views were more likely to report anti-vaccination attitudes and lower vaccination uptake.

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