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July 4, 2023 – I took two COVID jabs while studying to be a Catholic priest. Now I’m in a wheelchair.

Julian Young was enrolled as a seminarian in the northeastern United States, that he received two doses of a COVID “vaccine,” and that he is now under medical care for autoimmune disease.

“An autoimmune disease led to me leaving the seminary, and I believe my two COVID jabs are to blame.”

Happy in my studies, I decided to do the ‘safe’ thing and get the jab

It was 2020 when I began my studies and, of course, at this time there was still widespread fear about COVID-19. The “vaccines” were about to be rolled out, and there was a lot of disagreement about whether or not the shots were safe. By the end of my spring semester 2021, like so many others, I unfortunately allowed fear to dictate my decision and decided to do the “safe” thing for my family and get the jab.

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