The evidence is in. The COVID jabs kill. Autopsies prove it. (1)

CDC VAERS records more deaths from COVID jabs than the total of all previous vaccines combined (though the mRNA jabs are not vaccines), and only a very small percentage of adverse events are reported to VAERS. (2)

Doctors should not be blindly following ‘Public Health’ diktats, nor should they be recommending these kill jabs.

Governments, subservient to the World Health Organization (WHO), are largely indemnified because they announced a contrived Emergency and gave Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for experimental drugs that otherwise would not be authorized.

Canada declared Emergency when there were 100 so-called “cases”. That is not a pandemic — even with the WHO’s new definition of pandemic which excludes mortality rates. Governments secured EUA because they falsely claimed therapeutics were not available. They are available and were available. Ivermectin is an example.

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