Finally, the scandal has exploded. The truth of these forces that exist within Canada’s mainstream corporate geopolitical world has come to the fore after an outrageous incident that recently occurred in Canada’s House of Commons; this has blown the discussion wide open, and become for this writer a personal moment of catharsis that has provided at least some solace for all those dismissive naysayers and media doors that have been slammed in his face.

Festering geopolitical fallout continues to erupt ever since Canada’s Speaker of the House of Commons, Anthony Rota, was forced to resign after all four Canadian political parties protested his outrageously inappropriate conduct that was precipitated by the honoring ceremony Rota conducted for a 98 year-old WWII Ukrainian veteran, Yaroslav Hunka. After Rota had declared Hunka to be a Ukrainian war hero of the Allied forces, he admitted that instead of fighting against the enemy Germans, Hunka had instead fought against the hated ‘Bolsheviks’ (Russians).

When Rota made this admission in front of the entire assembled House of Commons, it was both embarrassing and sad to see how much Canadians, and elected Canadian politicians, have bought into the Canadian mainstream corporate news media’s oppressive brain washing; borne out by the extent of the sustained applause they gave to this one-time ex-Waffen SS foot soldier, who once upon a time had even been required to take a personal oath of allegiance to Adolph Hitler himself.

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