Statements of NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg

On September 7, 2023, NATO’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in a presentation to the European Parliament, formally acknowledged that:

“the war didn’t start in February last year. It started in 2014.”

This far-reaching declaration confirms his earlier statement in May 2023 to the effect that the Ukraine War

“didn’t start in 2022”, “The war started in 2014”.

Speaking on behalf of NATO, what this statement implies is that US-NATO was already at war in 2014. It also tacitly acknowledges that Russia did not “initiate the war” on Ukraine in February 2022.

“The purpose of this is to prevent war”
In a twisted irony, in his presentation to the European Parliament, Stoltenberg portrays “the purpose” of the Ukraine war, which has resulted in more than 300,000 casualties as a means “to prevent war”.

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