The Black Alliance for Peace stands in solidarity with the people of Gaza and all Palestinians under occupation in the racist, apartheid settler state of Israel. We recognize the right of Palestine to exist and the right of the Palestinian people to resist occupation. We call on African/Black people to remember our long tradition of solidarity with Palestine.

We condemn the monstrous and cowardly actions of the racist Zionist entity which is committing mass atrocities against the two million people who are locked in the open air prison of Gaza. As the crazed Zionists indiscriminately bomb civilians in Gaza, while characterizing Palestinians as “animals,” we are witnessing an international crime in real time – a genocide. This is a genocide that is fully supported and celebrated by other Western racist settler states – the morally depraved “international community.”

The real world, that is the world beyond the 10% of the global population that is the “collective West,” is outraged by the systematic barbarism it is witnessing with the collective punishment of the Palestinian people in Gaza. What is their crime? To rise up against their occupying power, to take the daily war that they have to endure as Israel murders and incarcerates their children, bombs their infrastructure, denies them medical care, cuts off their water and supplies – to take that war to the occupying power itself.

The Black Alliance for Peace condemns the barbarism of the illegal zionist settler-colonial, apartheid state. We fully support the Palestinian people’s right to fight against occupation, and we defend Palestinian calls for decolonization and their right to self-determination. Since there is currently no fair and just “international law” to support the Palestinian peoples, we will continue to call for the right of all peoples to struggle for national liberation, self-determination, and people(s)-centered human rights.

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